Friday, March 9, 2007

Easy recipes to care about dry skin

Pound 1 tea-spoon of clean and dry seed of dog-rose in the coffee-grinder, add 2 table-spoons of sour cream, 1 tea-spoon of lemon juice and mix. Put the mask on the face and tap in the skin by finger-tips slightly for 2 minutes. Then wash the face by warm water and put any nutritious cream. This cleansing mask also has effect of peeling.

Pound 1 ripe apricot by wooden spoon in the enamel ware, add 1 table-spoon decoction of hips and 1 table-spoon of sour cream. Mix and put on the face. In 10 minutes wash the face. This easy mask has emollient effect.

Pour 100 ml. of boiling water over 1 table-spoon of cut dog-rose’s sprouts and keep on the light fire for 5 minutes. Then take 3-5 grapes (without pits), knead them into a mush and mix with 1 tea-spoon of decoction. Put mask on the face, keep for 10 minutes and take away with a wad of cotton wool wetted in the warm water. This effective mask enriches dry skin very well.