Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Pay attention to your eyes

All we know that eyes and skin about them need more close care, because there are not hypodermic fatty tissue, elastin and not collagen around eyes. Most of all eyes like combined care: herbal washes, irrigation of skin, eyewash and special exercises.

What infusions can we use for eyes? During the day you’d better to use infusions from different herbs:
- equal parts of hop cones and leaves of sage;
- equal parts of milfoil, buckthorn bark and leaves of plantain;
- equal parts of lime-blossom, camomile, sage and horse-tail.

Pour 1 glass of boiling water over 2 table-spoons of any herbal mixture above. Keep for 30 minutes and then filter. In the morning and evening wash the face with herbal infusion and sprinkle skin around eyes from sprayer regularly during a day, especially in dry weather.