Thursday, March 15, 2007

Seven glasses of water is the secret of beautiful skin

To make your skin beautiful you should remember about the work of your bowels. You have to purge regularly. Sure you agree with me that this procedure isn’t very pleasant. But I offer you some easy ways to do it. Today I tell about 7 glasses water.

Make it a rule – to drink 7 glasses of clean (non-soda) water every day. The first glass, drunk at once after awakening, helps to increase moving the force of bowels. The next glasses help to dissolve and take out toxins, which appear in the organism during the whole day.

Keep the duty glass of water on the place, where you are. Sip all water slowly, not in one gulp. One glass of water is drunk for half an hour. Stop drinking in 10 minutes before meal and begin to drink in 30 minutes after meal. But during meal you shouldn’t drink at all, because it impedes the work of stomach and bowels.