Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Natural skin whitening

In summer face skin pigmentation becomes plainly visible. Those, who know what this is, agree with me that it is not good-looking. Are there any means helping to get rid of pigmental spots? Yes, there are some. Cosmetologists usually advise to use whitening and peeling means. Of course you can use natural means too. For example, lemon juice, viburnum juice, and also juice of red currant, sauerkraut, fresh cucumber, parsley, grapefruit. You always find the whitening mean in every season.

You’ll get the good result making compresses with wine vinegar and clabber. Wet wad of cotton wool in 5% solution of vinegar and put on the pigmental spot. In 10 minutes put compress from clabber mixed with wheat flour on the same place. Proportion is ¼ glass of clabber to 1 tea-spoon of flour. Make such compress every day for one week and then every other day. When spots become lighter use this procedure once a week.

Mask from sauerkraut can be made every day. Wet napkins in the juice of sauerkraut and put on the pigmental areas 3 times one by one for 10 minutes.

Mask from beans is easy-made and effective. Pour 1,5 glass of beans with 1,5 glass of water and keep to infuse for 36 hours. Then knead, squeeze and add juice of one lemon. Put this mixture on the face before going to bed. If skin is oily, make this mask every other day, if skin is dry, make mask twice a week.

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