Sunday, September 2, 2007

Homemade masks for greasy skin

Homemade masks for greasy skinTo understand if your skin is greasy or oily, you should look through the next oily skin type checklist. Oily skin feels very greasy. The texture is often very thick and coarse. There are large, visible pores. After a wash it feels fine. By midday it looks shiny. Often break out in spots. Those, who have greasy skin, know that it looks shiny, thick, and dull colored. So you should care about such skin very carefully, taking into consideration its traits. Today I offer some special masks for greasy skin.

For this mask you need 1 tea-spoon of lemon juice, 2 whites of egg, 3 tea-spoons of honey, 1 cup of strawberries and 4 drops of any favorite essential oil. Mix all these ingredients carefully and put on the face. In 10 minutes wash the face.

Banana mask is as original sedative for skin. You need 1 banana, 1 table-spoon of honey, some drops of lemon or orange juice. Make banana puree, add honey and mix carefully. Add juice and put the mask on the face. Wash the face in 15 minutes.

Herbal mask against acne fits both adults and teenagers. Grind ½ cup of mint and ½ cup of coriander. Add some water and add 1 table-spoon of zinc-powder, mix everything carefully and put on the face. Wait for some minutes and wash the face.

Clay mask for problem skin is very universal. It cleans skin very well and also nourishes and moistens skin effectively. You need black clay, 1 tea-spoon of honey, water or milk, favorite essential oil. Mix water or milk with clay (proportion 2:1); add honey, some drops of essential oil. Put the mask on the face and keep for 15 minutes.