Friday, January 16, 2009

Little tricks to fight aging

Little tricks to fight agingAging process is impossible to avoid, but we are able to make is less visible for the people around you by the instrumentality of some tricks. There are some rules to help you to turn your clock back.

• Wear the sunglasses to protect your eyes zone from ultra-violet rays and constant screwing up your eyes; this is the reason for wrinkles to appear.

• Don’t smoke! Smoking is the reason of untimely skin aging and blood vessels injury, and further, to the risk of lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases appearing. Smoking slows down the process of your wounds healing and restricts your skin’s ability to self-recovering.

• Eat well! Nourishing ration rich for fruit, vegetables, legumes, fish, whole grains and monosaturated fats, kind of olive oil, will improve your skin and health in whole. Avoid consuming processed carbohydrates and sugar, which are the reason for getting high insulin level in your blood. Include antioxidants and essential fatty acid (EFA) into your ration. Find plenty of them in fish and flax seeds. Sufficient amount of water is also necessary to consume to optimize your health and good-looking skin.

• Don’t forget to take care of your skin daily: cleaning, toning up, moistening and other additional procedures depending on your skin type are obligatory.

• Good sleep is really important. Proper amount of sleep improves your skin, health and mental ability.

• Avoid stresses. Stress impacts negatively many of your body’s systems. Nowadays plenty of factors result stresses (career pressing, social tension and environmental pollution), therewith, more often than not, they all come over synchronously. Trainings, meditations, breathing exercises and planned “rest time” reduce the tension, making better your health and improving your skin’s appearance at the same time.

• Peel off your skin properly. Apply proper (chemical, mechanical or both of them) peeling procedures to your skin. It will become dry and downcast if peeling is not performed regularly. Along with this disposition to pimples has got a chance to appear. Always get started slowly and let the comfort of your skin guide you.

• Be gentle with your skin within your eyes area. Try not to wrinkle and frown too much as it will lead to the wrinkles appearing. Apply the creams for eyes meeting needs of your skin type.