Sunday, January 25, 2009

«Snow» on hair or how to get rid of dandruff

How to get rid of dandruffThe problem of dandruff is familiar to many women. Some people name any appearance skin scales in hair as dandruff. But oftener it is only naturally died off particles of a skin. They are finer and drier, than the dandruff and they appear, as a rule, because of overdrying a skin of a head, especially in a cold season. Humidifying a skin of the head with lotions or masks and a feed of a skin of the head with vegetable oils can easily help to decrease their quantity.

The natural dandruff is like large scales of skin, thick, sticky, greasy and yellowish or grayish on coloring. Here you can be helped by special shampoos from dandruff. Though, dandruff doesn’t represent any threat to health by itself. But from the aesthetic point of view, its appearance, certainly, is unpleasant.

Why it appears?
Many people had an opinion, that appearance of dandruff is connected with rare or, on the contrary, too frequent washing of a head. Actually, the reason of origin of dandruff consists in change of a cycle of development epidermal cells of a skin of a head: they start to grow more quickly and more quickly to exfoliate. The reasons of the stirring up of process peeling these cells may be various: weakening of immunity, wrong using cosmetic means for hair, a cold season, changes of the food, hormonal changes or stress.

How to stop dandruff?
If dandruff has started to appear, don’t hurry up to use shampoo from dandruff. Try to take advantages of these recipes.

1. Sage containing useful tannins and essential oils helps to struggle with dandruff. Pour one tablespoon of sage with a glass of boiling water, infuse, filter and rinse a skin of a head. Use flowers of calendula, oak bark, coltsfoot, leaves of a burdock by the same way. Rubbing spirit tincture of these grasses in the skin of a head also can help with great effect. Mix one teaspoon of tincture thus with one glass of water.

2. Juice of aloe has bactericidal qualities and also serves as excellent mean from dandruff. You can rub fresh juice in a skin of the head, and also make tincture from spirit and crushing leaves.

3. Cut one onion of the average size on some segments together with a peel and pour it with 1/2 glass of natural apple or grape vinegar. Keep it in the warm place for the whole day. Then take out an onion, and rub prepared balm in the head skin. Leave for one-two hours or for the whole night. Then wash hair with shampoo.

4. Henna has the great effect against dandruff. Pour 2 tablespoons with a liter of boiling water. Filter and then rinse hair.