Friday, February 26, 2016

Mineral makeup as a natural alternative for skin care. Part 2.

The mineral makeup looks very natural because all minerals are very finely milled into a powder, the other advantage is that all types of mineral makeup blend very well into the skin.

The mineral makeup is highly competitive with the other ones in far as is concerned with colors. Just buy two or three different foundation tones and blend them for a necessary color.

The quality edge of mineral makeup is that it can be blended very easily together. The minerals never clog your pores, and if you worry some of them may to get into the blood stream, never fear you deal with minerals, they're all natural. They are absolutely safe for the body. Many dermatologists and cosmetologist recommend mineral makeup as the best skin care because it is safe and healthy for the skin, never cause acne or allergy.

How to use mineral makeup? Is there any peculiarity or secret? The general rule is: "Swirl. Tap. Buff." You should make the primer very careful; cover the whole face with a light touch for some time. The kabuki brush is recommended for this technique. Usually, applying mineral makeup is not difficult at all.