Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The famous effective cream against wrinkles

People say this great cream will smooth the bad skin with wrinkles for one week! You will see the first result in 3 days. The recipe of this cream is simple and really miraculous.

To prepare this cream you need to take:
- A half fresh egg yolk;
- 2 teaspoons almond oil (you can change it with olive oil);
- 1 teaspoon sea salt;
- 2 teaspoons chamomile decoction;
- ½ teaspoon honey;
- 2 teaspoons cosmetic vaseline.

To make a chamomile decoction you should take 1 tablespoon dry grass. Pour it with 200 ml water and boil for 15-20 minutes.

Mix all ingredients carefully. Keep the mixture in the fridge. Apply the cream on the skin with massage movements. In 30 minutes take the rest of cream away with a cotton pad wet in mineral water.

By the way, this cream is absorbed for long time, more than an hour. That’s why you’d better to make this procedure in 2 hours before sleep.