Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to cure acne at home?

Many cosmetologists consider genetic burden one of the most evident factors that causes acne. They say: "If one of the parents suffered from acne, 7 of 10 teenagers at the age of 10 and more with the beginning of hormonal change will start having problems". You just need to wait out this unpleasant time. However, it happens often that pimples don’t go away even after puberty. In such a case you need a constant, thorough and competently chosen skin care and dermatological supervision.

Healthy way of life and correct nutrition are of great significance for acne prevention. It is recommended to eat less carbohydrates (wheat bread, sweets, honey, and crops), fats (rich bouillon, pork, lamb meat, and fat), pickled food and smoked sausage; possibly avoid stress, and do at least low physical exercises (walk more).

Sometimes it happens that pimples appear on face during periods, or some days before they start. It is caused by hormonal burst in the body. As a rule, they disappear on themselves, and don’t demand any special care.

It is needless to say that acne is a very unpleasant thing. But, as paradoxical as it sounds, there is one positive thing in acne. Oily and porous skin is less prone to wrinkles appearance. It means that aging changes will be less evident on your face.

Here some acne cure tips:
• Taking care of oily skin choose lotions and emulsions that have a mark saying that this product normalizes oil glands work.

• Twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) thoroughly clean your skin of extra sebum. To prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria, your skin should have a rather high acidity level - 5.0 - 5.5. Buy cleansing lotions and gels containing milk or lemon acid.

• After intensive skin cleansing, wipe your face with a toner containing antiseptic agents.

• In the morning and during the day use creams that regulate sebum production. In the evening use toning creams.

• Prefer scrubs that eliminate pores and clean the skin of comedones.

• If you don’t manage to stop the inflammatory on your face with the help of cosmetic products, make an appointment with a dermatologist. He will make a personal prescription for you. Possibly, your body does not work properly at some point, and acne is just one of the symptoms of a hidden disease.

• Make special homemade masks.

An egg-white mask
Mix a white of one egg, a teaspoon of lemon juice or camphor spirit until foam condition. Apply 3-4 layers with a cotton ball (each layer should be applied after 5-7 minutes). Keep for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm, and then cold water.

Yeast mask
Dilute 50 g of yeast with boiled water (or lemon juice) until sour cream consistence. Apply to skin in several layers. Wait until the mask dries, and rinse it with warm water. Use this recipe not more frequently than twice a week.