Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mineral cosmetic is the best for natural skin care. Part 1.

The words "mineral makeup" are inviting for those, who tried. Its main benefit is that it has no talc, no chemicals, no fillers and no colorants. Mineral cosmetics are gentle on the skin, they keep its health.

The idea of mineral cosmetics first existed in the late 1970s. At that time the research workers watch out for the fact that the minerals that originally used as the pigments for most cosmetics are reputed as effective cosmetics on their own. The big bonus of minerals makeup is that the makeup gives skin a youthful glow that is inaccessible for any other cosmetics.

As they are made of high pigment minerals, the risk of allergy is diminished and clogging of pores is out of the question. As the basic substances of mineral cosmetics are used titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, they afford natural protection from UV radiation; today this characteristic is on the front burner.

Mineral makeup can be used by a woman of any age, with any skin type. Made from micro ionized pigments, mineral cosmetic allows the skin to breathe and the make up is stubborn. It has a great variety if colors from restrained to dazzling colors, so you shouldn’t chop and change, get used and look for new tinctures.